Upload Files to Agate Create

We invite our congregation and associated ministries to submit photos, movies and other content for possible sharing on our web site . Uploaded content must be relevant to the events and activities of the church. 
All content uploaded to Agate Create will be carefully reviewed for appropriateness.  Any political, profane, or offensive content will be  rejected. We reserve sole discretion in the determination of whether shared content is used and consistent with our church values and mission.
By uploading your file(s), you agree to allow them to be shared online and release any claim of protected copyright you may have. You also profess that you are the exclusive owner of the content and have full rights to share in this manner.
By uploading a file,  you give your permission for the content to be used in any media outlet of the church without additional permission or approval.
Files uploaded to our site are submitted under the Safe Harbor provisions of the federal  Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Thank you for sharing !